Ugandan singer Barbi Jay caught having sex in a car with another lady


Ugandan singer Barbi Jay caught pants down having sex in a car with another lady just days after welcoming a child with his wife.
Popular Ugandan singer, Barbi Jay has been arrested by the night shift Police Patrol for allegedly having sex in a car last night in Mengo.


The singer whose wife gave birth on March 2nd, was caught with another woman in a Mark II vehicle. It is said that the two were engaging in sexual activities, which must have been the reason the car was vigorously shaking.

A passerby noticed a deserted car shaking by the roadside. He expressed his concern by calling the police. The musician was then nubbed with a woman dressed in a skimpy green dress. Crowds and on lookers gathered by to watch this embarrassing moment. He denied the claims despite the fact that he was caught without his shirt on. According to the singer, the vehicle became hot as he was waiting for a friend.

Barbie Jay ishas made songs such as Tombuuza, and is now recorded as a car bonker. The police took them and detained them at Rubaga Police Station. They were then charged with having sex in public and a police file number SD/REF:08/10/03/2018 was opened.