Red Sparrow: Jennifer Lawrence uncensored naked scene in movie


Romping Jennifer Lawrence completely nude scene in Red Sparrow. The film is hot but not so good as people thought. The movie that stars Jennifer Lawrence in the role of a fascinating and icy spy, at the film is at the top of the box office and not surprising: after the recent controversy on the look flaunted by the London preview, the actress with few and fulminating jokes has torn those who accused her of lacking feminism and at the same time made a great hype for the film.


We had to leave before we appreciated the performance of “Jennifer Lawrence”. No matter what role she got, it made a buzz and attracted audiences around the world. And this time it is a major turn of events from a stubborn girl who waives everything for her beloved (“Katie” from “The Hunger Games”) is a sexy spy or “hot bird”. To use all the hype to defeat the young CIA (Joel Edwards.

Confessions of a high expectation of this. The movie trailer makes it interesting. It is not difficult to see the movie Mass is not easy to understand. But back to not disappoint. Because the skin is not subdued. I hope that bang.

Really, the design or Production Design and composition artwork is good in. The movie has a backdrop. Props and beautiful hairstyles. The music is quite good. There is a mysterious mystery as a movie spy. I’m not sure if this is the case.

“Jennifer Lawrence” as “Dominic Egoro”, a former Russian ballet dancer who became “the next bird” or spy because of the forced situation. Okay, come to her place is not a problem. But her management and development are confused and unclear. We can not guess or expect anything from this character, even though “Jennifer” will play this role well. But we did not read what she wanted. And you love or not love with each other.

Private CIA’s ” Nathan Nate Nelson”, played by.”Joel Edwards” has a very flickering role. It is so little that almost no role. In addition to holding secret in the Russian spy organizations. He has almost no role or help what heroine (Jennifer) of us both the whole story is cited throughout him is a spy. All right. But we have never seen any of his potential, except for the glimpse of Russian secret organizations.

The story is not difficult. But it makes it difficult to rhythm of the story that makes the story of the banana is not really the movie has many surprises. I was shocked raw raw play until I have to fold eyes closed several times. But the second half is very much. I do not want to end it and start to run out of fun to default.

However, fans of “Jennifer Lawrence” will not want to miss because it is considered a major role. This is in addition to her fiery role as “The Next Bird”, we will see another possibility that we have never seen her do in any movie before. You will be able to find the right person.