#MeToo : Jennifer Lopez revealed a director asking her show off her boobs


Jennifer Lopez revealed she was sexually harassed by a director. Actress and singer revealed in an interview that she was sexually harassed at the beginning of her career in the film when a director who was to hire her asked her to expose her boobs.


Jennifer Lopez suffered from sexual misconduct at the beginning of her career. The actress, however, refused to obey the director in question. The artist said she was terrified after declining his request, realizing that she was in danger of losing the opportunity to play in that film.

JLo said in an interview published on Thursday by Harper’s Bazaar magazine that she did not face the kind of sexual abuse that several Hollywood women spoke.

“I have not been misused in the way many women have experienced it, but did I have to take a shirt off my director to show my breasts? Yes, I did, but did I do that too? it is not. ”

Her decision not to obey the director was not easy for Lopez. “I was scared to death when I spoke, my heart pounded almost out of my chest, as I blew through:” What am I doing? This man gives me work!”