Nudism – Daughter Clicks Mother’s Topless Snaps, Reality Star Under Fire


[Nudism Family] Unhappy Fans reacted over Kim Kardashion’s topless snaps taken by her daughter “North”. The reality star has been a mother of three with her since mid-January, but she has not changed her behavior yet. She is still proud to show herself nude on social network, but her recent photo has snooped on the fence for many.

Fans blast on Kim Kardashian’s topless photo snapped by daughter North

But this Thursday, February 8, it’s North, her eldest 4-year-old daughter, which photographed her mother, as said this last one. In the publication, we can see Kim Kardashian bare back, dropping her bra facing a mirror. Mirror in which we see the flash of the camera held by her daughter.

According fans, the celebrity has overtaken the goal by photographed her child with her child and involved in self-study. This is a bad example for her.

“Does Kim K really raise North this way?” There is a big difference between teaching her daughter to be good in her body and teaching her daughter to take pictures of you taking off your bra Kim, you really have a pretty, happy and rich family, it’s not enough? ”

“Kim K is doing nudes by North now, I’m fed up”

“I’m dead laughing when Kim gets her picture taken with her bra unhooked by North, in” what are you doing? “