Miracle And Nina Finally Having Hot Sex On Big Brother Naija Reality Show


Saturday Night in BBNaija, housemate Miracle And Nina caught having sex live on TV. Miracle having sex act behind the Nina slowly and hot, after 4 minutes Miracle up for getting fresh and left Nina on bed.


Did Miracle And Nina having safe sex in Big Brother Naija house ??

Nina and Miracle are adults, so they can do what they want after all they were not pretending when they said they are into each other and it is more than a partner thing so sex is part of a relationship and if biggie doesn’t promote it there wont be condoms in the house.

Miracle about to cum and later baba would say she is just a strategic partner and just a friend, later Nina will run to the diary room to beg her Bf outside the house, so is this one also part of the game.