Weird Reason : Michael Blackson Claims He Is Not The Mystery Man Of Blac Chyna’s Sex Tape


Ghanaian actor (comedian) Michael Blackson reveals a weird reason why he is not the faceless guy of Blac chyna’s oral sex tape. Michael claims the video was filmed by iPhone 6 but his manhood is too big for that phone. His penis size only fit on screen on iPhone 8 plus.


Michael Blackson twitted on his twitter account “#BlacChyna was not sucking my dick, that video was shot with an iPhone 6, My dick only fits on the 8plus”.

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According Michael on Instagram, Now ya can stop calling her a hoe because hoes know how to suck a dick. She’s just a good girl that got caught up in some hoe shit. It’s Black History month, Black panther is out, so leave Black Chyna alone.”