Ifu Ennada’s Socking Reaction As She Saw Bitto’s Bare Private Part


The BBNaija – reality TV show is on its 18th day and the drama seems to be getting thrilling by the day. One of the Big Brother Naija housemates Ifu Ennada stumbled on Bitto during he was naked and she had a peek of his penis.

Ifu Ennada caught bitto naked penis

In her reaction to the sight, she screamed. But it’s surprising that she paused for a while before retracing her steps and not after she had exclaimed about what she saw.

As it is their tradition in the house, indecency is not a new scenario as housemates sometimes show off all their glory even for the cameras to capture much to the delight of some viewers at home.

Bitto was not although captured by the camera as he seemed to be in an enclosed room. But from the way Ifu Ennada screamed, it was certain she saw something extremely massive.

She immediately screamed:.

haaaaaaa see dick oh,

Bitto in his reaction as heard from the video, was also startled as he noticed someone was closing up on him and before he could cover up or give the signal that he was unclad, the intruder had already gotten to him.

Watch the video below: