Blac Chyna claims She is not the girl of scandalous sex tape


Recently the viral video of Blac Chyna’s oral sex tape break the internet. But she claims the girl in this video it’s look like her, isn’t she.


TMZ reporting according Chyna that the woman in the sex tape does have significant similarities to the reality star, but it’s absolutely not her.

Watch video : Blac Chyna Leaked Oral Sex Tape Surfing Online (Uncensored Video)

The insider also revealed that her legal team has fired off more than 20 cease and desist letters to the porn sites that are hawking the video using Chyna’s name. Her lawyers have also sent the letters to porn sites publish the video.

The scandalous sex tape was strongly reported that the mother-of-two was one giving oral sex to her ex-rapper boyfriend Mechie. And Mechie admit he is the one in this video but he didn’t leaked the video online.


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