Cossy Orjiakor’s Boobs Fall Out For Fifty Shades


Nigerian big boobs queen Cossy Orjiakor poses sexy in Fifty Shades of Grey costume and with sex toy “Suede Flogger”.


Cossy wrote on her IG page “Now….they are all singing a different song. Women.. Some are so easy to be broken. A prison term can do the trick… Well what do I know about that case. Absolutely nothing… Then the chekeleke bird whose story I know is true is singing a different tune… Clap for yourself. You be the chopper. Me I be the worker wey never collect salary. Like seriously do I look like someone you can send on errands without sorting out. Jay …jay…jay.”

“How many times did I call you. 3x. I wonder how you do it. Na only you follow come…Baba for the girls. Confess your sins now … Own it up to them or I can help you fix it. As for me I must get paid for the work I did. You can’t use me as errand girl without pay because you are still eating the fruit of my labor. On Easter Sunday. Your name and your organization will be made public. You can sue me. I don’t care. I worked… I must get paid.”