AK Songstress Claims Male Musician Demand Sex For Collaboration


Ghanaian Dance-hall artist AK Songstress unveils the sex exchange scam in music industry. Many people claims about the rumor before but it’s always being ignored cause lake of evidence.


AK Songstress reveals the truth behind the music industry how male artist demand sex for certain favors. She said she often slap a man over asking her for sex.

Ghanaian Male Musician allegedly demand sex from AK Songstress

In a interview the artists explain “I honestly had no idea of this until it happened to me. I recently approached one of the famous artistes in Ghana with a huge following for a collaboration and I was sad when he went behind my management, got my number and actually demanded sex from me.”

“He was like, ‘I for show something, that is what is done, he for feel something’, it was so disgusting and very annoying.

“I mean how, I just couldn’t believe it. I was really rude to the guy, I did not take it easy on him at all because I felt I was being disrespected.”


“I’m sure that it is something which occurs in the market otherwise the person would not have asked me. Apart from that, his needs and replies sounded like it is something which is performed.

You see, it is very pitiful, some of these situations are eliminating our industry and they need to be discussed,” she said.

Try out because this reporter performed, AK Songstress would not share the brand of the ‘culprit’ stating he had apologized.

“There has been an apology so there is no have to point out the name. I want us as ladies to stand up and talk equally as I did. I believe needs like these happen almost everywhere which is not great, therefore i decided to take that bold step by revealing my experience,” she stated.

She said in spite of her bad encounter, she knew there have been nevertheless good individuals in the market. “There are still great individuals who regard themselves and the business. We have worked with people like EL, Stonebwoy, VVIP and so on and they are excellent men.

She experienced some terms for her peers who probably have succumbed to such a thing. “You would be the cause it is not easy to differentiate between a great artiste along with a terrible one, it is because you ‘sex’ your way up.”


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