These Two Sex Positions Are Dangerous For Men


Penis Fracture – Since men don’t have bone in the penis, can it really break? You are right. It turns out that there is an unfortunate injury called “Penile Fracture” and that, in fact, it can occur during sex.


1. Woman on top also known as “Cowgirl” sex position

one in every thousand men has suffered this type of trauma. Unless it is known, it usually goes unnoticed because most cases are not reported. Until now it was thought that it was usually produced when the woman on top, during the cowgirl sex position.

The scientists analyzed the experiences of 90 patients, age between 18 and 66 years old, who had suffered this injury at least once in their lives and discovered that 77% of the cases happened during sex, so they decided to ask them in what position they were doing it when the fracture occurred.

2. Doggy Style

We found the doggy style, one of the oldest and certainly the most used positions in the bedrooms. For us to understand, the classic “four-legged” of all life, in which the man performs vaginal or anal penetration from behind. Undoubtedly, a position of the most pleasurable for both parties and the best to achieve orgasm. And even then, with everything, the one that implies a greater risk.

A 41% of the men surveyed said the injury while making love doggy – style. The researchers speculate that when the man penetrates from behind he can get excited and use too much energy in his thrusts : “Men tend to use a lot of force in their attacks, which can end badly if one is not diligent”. In the worst case, if the penis slips out of the vagina and hits the perineum or symphysis pubis (two hard bony surfaces), it can cause a painful trauma .

After the dog comes the missionary and in the last position of the podium we meet the ‘cowgirl’, in which she gets on top and “rides” on the man. However, doctors do well to warn about this last position, because it is usually in which the injuries are more serious .