Mercy Salma Aminu : You Don’t Have To Go Naked To Interpret A Character


Actress Salma Aminu said no need nudity in a movie to interpret a character for a romantic role.

Mercy Salma Aminu

The actress said in a recent interview :

Nude? I don’t think there are scripts like that anymore. There are better ways to interpret a character without going totally nude.

When asked about her happiest moment as an actress, she said:

My happiest moment as an actress was when I went to the ATM point and a woman gave way for me to make withdrawal because she just watched my movie barely an hour before she met me.

The actress who is also passionate about girl-child education said educating the girl-child is a necessity and not an option.

Girl- child education is important, in fact it is a necessity. Educating a girl child is like educating the nation. Ladies are builders of homes. If you want to build a nation, start by educating the girl -child.