Kelly Brook Poses Completely Naked For Thrilling Festive Flash


Kelly Brook, who was considered the owner of the perfect body, posed completely nude, wearing only bright high heels. The racy snap was announced on her Instagram on the morning of Sunday (3).


“I can’t wait to find Santa,” said the British top, who appears wearing a red curtain to not show the corpse any more. In the comments, fans sent messages like “take this sheet, please”, “I’ve looked at this picture a million times” and “uaaaau”.


In 2015, according to a University of Texas survey, the perfect body would look pretty much like Kelly Brook, who measures 1.68m, has 90cm of bust, 63cm of waist, 91cm of hips and weighs about 73 kilos Very similar to that of many Brazilian women, right?

The study evaluated factors of body measurements, age, face, lips, nose and hair. One of the factors that, according to the research, still makes Kelly’s body perfect is waist-to-hip measurement. For scientists, a woman with 0.7 is considered attractive. The number is the division of the waist measurement by the size of the hip. For example, a woman with 100cm of hip and 70cm of waist has the exact 0.7. Kelly has exactly 0.70588253.