Ghanaian JSS2 Minor Girl Raped Video Went Viral In Ashanti Region


In Kumasi the capital of Ashanti Region of Ghana – a heartbreaking video was been publish two days ago on social media a JSS2 15-year-old girl gang-raped by 4 guys.


5 guys raped a minor junior school student in Kumasi

The boys overpowered the girl on the floor and took turns to rape her as she struggled for freedom. In the video, which is really painful to watch, one of the boys can be seen sitting by the girl’s head, with his hands around her neck to keep her in place even as she struggled.

As he did this, another naked boy is seen removing the girl’s underwear after which he parted her legs and tried to penetrate her.

At the point, the girl cries and struggles harder, even closing her legs tighter to prevent the boy from going ahead with his evil intentions.

Another boys are heard laughing as the girl struggles, and the boy holding her struggles even more to subdue her. Eventually, the naked boy had his way with the girl, after which he gave way for his friends to do same.

In a press release by the police, they acknowledged intercepting “a video of what appears to be a gang rape involving a young lady and at least five men.”

“In view of the serious nature of the act, as shown in the video, a special investigation team has been constituted at the CID Headquarters to analyses the video with the aim of identifying those involved and arrested for the necessary legal processes to be activated,” they said.

They appealed to individuals with any information that will lead to the arrest of those involved to get in touch with their Cyber Crime unit of the CID Headquarters.