Ebony Reigns Reveals How She Struggle With Sex For Fame In Her Latest Gospel Song


#BONYFIED – Dancehall Ghanaian singer Ebony Reigns has explains in her latest gospel track to highlight the troubles she faced as an upcoming female musicians in the music industry.


Ebony Reigns singing her struggling sex for fame in her career

The controversial artiste has most often been in the news for her scene of dressing to shows, events and nudity.

However, the dancehall diva has opted to show her other side by releasing a gospel song titled “Aseda“. In the song, Ebony talks about her struggles as an upcoming female singer in the industry, highlighting some of the challenges she confronted on her way to stardom.

Part of the lyrics also reveals her struggles with unscrupulous managers who wanted to take advantage of her before giving her a shot at fame. Portions of the lyrics go like:

I give God the glory for turning around my story.

From studio to studio, trying to make a song for the radio.

On my knees I’ve been praying, for Jaja Father to bless me.

But the game no easy especially if you’re … Every manager want enter.

If you no give am, e turn matter.

Close thy legs, don’t get deals.

As you no make e chop, you won’t be on top.

It came as a huge surprise to many Ghanaian that Ebony has released a gospel track, but the truth is that the content of the song is really deep.