Celebrity Sex Scandal That Rocked Ghana In 2017


Viral video in September 2017, The celebrity sex scandal in Ghanaian news media, actress Afia Schwarzenegger caught slept with another man.

Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger sex scandal video rocks Ghana in 2017

In the said video, Mr Abrokwah budges into the room that appeared not to have been locked and found the two lovers naked in bed.

He is heard asking the man whose face cannot readily be identified if he is unaware Afia is a married woman amidst shouts of “Ashawo! Ashawo!” to wit prostitute. Out of shame, Afia in defence rushed into the bathroom for a towel to cover herself and asked what he was doing in the house and who invited him.

Watch : Afia Schwarzenegger Caught Naked Sleeping With Another Man (Full Viral Video)

Abrokwah who claims to have in his hand a bottle of liquid substance which he claimed is acid and threatens to empty the contents on both if they fail to cooperate.

The man fearing for his life struggles with Abrokwah briefly and runs away from the room leaving Afia behind who insists she has divorced him because he physically assaulted her.

Her husband, on the other hand, admits they only had a disagreement and he went to see his mother only to return to see her being laid by another man wondering what kind of woman she is. Mr Abrokwah reveals he has been trailing her sleeping around with other men and was only waiting for the opportune time to close up on her.

At the latter part of the video, the television personality is heard begging for clemency and said she took a loan to wed him.

News about her extramarital affair prior to that incident had been reported by another media house with reports suggesting she went in for another man because her husband had failed to pay the money she borrowed for their wedding in South Africa.

But in responding to the claims Afia said:

My lawyer is called Lawyer Nkrabea Effah and just as we are doing to Multi-Media…A lot of foolish jobless people r roaming in town in the name of bloggers…And the court is where we settle lies…It is called Defamation of character.

The matter is currently before the court with Abrokwah facing five counts of domestic violence with emotional, verbal and psychological abuse, publication of obscene material, assault and threat of harm.

At the last hearing the charges were amended to include; stealing $2,000 and £500 respectively from Afia.