Topless Nicki Minaj On Paper Magazine: “Minaj À Trois” Break The Internet


Kim Kardashian to forgive us, but who broke the internet this time was Nicki Minaj ! After Nick Magazine’s iconic cover with the bountiful butt, released by Paper Magazine in November 201, Nicki decided to triple her sensuality and came up in triple dose on the cover of this month’s publication.


Nicki Minaj threesome sex appeal on Paper Magazine

In addition to appearing topless, wearing only nipple stickers, she won two other versions of herself that, in the daring photo-montage, sensitively with the singer. On the cover, the intriguing call “Minaj à trois” (a pun on the name of Nicki and the expression ‘ménage à trois’, which means sex to three, threesome).

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It has not yet been revealed what the edition brings in its filling, but the expectation is great. The publication will be officially launched in homeopathic doses (on the 15th and 28th of this month). According to Drew Elliott , creative director of Paper , “the issue will not disappoint” the public.