Sanchoka : Sex Film Companies Are Chasing Me


Tanzanian model and actress Sanchoka, who famous for her big butts. The slay queen never shy to shows off her body in seductive racy photoshoot.


Sanchoka poses naked several time and she also shared her nude photos on her Instagram page.

Sanchoka refuse to play role in porn film

In her interview with the Global Tv, Sanchoka has been released and claims that many people who see her photographing her traps feel that maybe she sells something that is not true but also points out her typical modeling tasks such as Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria, has also claimed that other porn films have come to the search point to play their films:

You know if a woman has a lot of things you can do differently and sell and still get across the cause is just how to play with the people’s minds and know what people want it is not that a naked one is photographed then she sells it to the mind of many African people who see someone like me photographers wearing inner clothes we have to show my body parts then they know I want to sell but where we are going I pray I’ll believe because the end of the day you say they are selling will be going to succeed and make great things wonder.

Also Sanchoka described the inconvenience she received from sex companies:

Many Tanzanian outdoors to the US have just searched for me to tell me how much money I want to work for, but I’m not so frustrated by the phenomenon of people who claim me I’m selling one million is something that I can’t really do. It’s a small and costly money I’ve never thought of selling anywhere in the world because these are not my goals or when I call those pictures I have never tried to find men.

Sanchi made it clear that a man with whom she can walk is the one who is busy, who is self-employed and does not have to have too much income but should strive to reach the goal.

See some Sanchoka’s hottest photoshoot below: