Overweight Women Enjoy More When It Comes To Sex


If you were once self-conscious about those extra kilos, you may find the positive side from today.


Plump women are sexually more slender than thin women. At least this was determined by a study by the School of Human and Animal Etiology of the University of Leeds, in the United Kingdom.

Among 3 thousand couples surveyed it was found that women who have wide hips, generally have a greater sexual appetite. In addition, this group of women would enjoy much more of the sexual act because of a greater concentration of omega 3 and fatty acids that act as stimulants of the libido.

Another important factor in women ‘plump’ has to do with the confidence they have and that they manifest when going to bed with their partners. The respondents said they have no limits to try new things in sex.

According to the researchers, women who are thin and overly concerned about their bodies tend to concentrate much more on satisfying others. This finally triggers discomfort in the bed and generates an atmosphere of tension that ends up affecting the couple’s enjoyment.