Moyo Lawal Asked Question How And Why I’m Controversial


Ghanaian sexiest and curviest comedian actress Moyo Lawal want to know how she become controversial.


Moyo Lawal puts question how and why she marked as controversial

Moyo write on her IG page:

Please indulge me an answer to this question. Apparently , Moyo is “Controversial”. The question is how and why? I’m guessing ,you will say dressing because that is what everyone attacks me about. But please correct me if I’m wrong .

I think,I have seen quite a large number of females (entertainers and non entertainers😛👅) nude, almost nude, bikini mode, swimsuit mode, Yes! From brides, to mothers to be, to new mothers ,to women with children, to new wives (in all those photoshoots marking the bridal shower,birthdays,holidays,babies birthday etc ) even in regular day to day pictures.

Yes! back view picture, center view, side view etc …. The obvious answer is that what I wear doesn’t make me controversial since the percentage exposing is quite a lot …yaaaas, a lot even people who have no business exposing their body. So please How and why? Biko 😨😨 …. #ML …. #thebaddestgoodgirlyouknow 👅 …p.s if only people realize the problems, I’ll cause if I actually start being “controversial” … You will learn to be truthful in your report.