Braless Beverly Osu- Fans Criticism Over Boobs


Body-shammer attack Beverly Osu over the way her boobs looked in a recent photo. The actress had shared braless photo with rocking a Mai Atafo piece.


Body shammer hits Beverly Osu

But instead of getting beautiful comments, got attacked for her boobs.

Read below body-shammer comment on her photo:

Chiblitzy Na ff I chest them they expose’, Mtchew.

_balzyslick_ You look beautiful, but your boobs ain’t good to be exposed.

Goodieaugo my dear, the truth hurts anyway. The chest na apology.

wow beautiful dress, always looking fabulous, but why is your breast sleeping @beverly_osu.

Saheederniola This is breast not boobs.

Goldeneyez11 What happen to those chest…doesn’t look nice al all…no offense.