Why Morning Sex Is The Best


Each couple has their preferred schedule. The sex at night are the most common. However, starting the day having sex could provide the necessary energies for a good awakening.


“The spontaneous delivery of the UN-programmed morning encounter helps the bodies to be less inhibited, which leads to higher levels of arousal,” explained Walter Ghedin, a psychiatrist and sexologist …

Morning sex contributes to better blood circulation and prevents heart attacks. Having relationships in the morning allows, among other things, to burn calories without having to leave the house.

There is 9 reason why morning sex is the best

“In my experience men prefer morning sex more, they are more alert and more eager. Instead, women prefer night sex and a little more dedication than the morning.”

Performing exercise releases endorphins and activates metabolism. Early sex provides the energy to survive the routine. In addition, they strengthen muscles and bones.

These are other advantages of sex in the morning:

1. Comfortable clothes

No suits and buttons, in the morning sex there are only clothes that are easy to remove.

2. Allows you to spend a little more time

Waking up early to go to work can be a difficult task. The best way to combat that moment is physical contact with the couple.

3. The rest of the day will be very good

Endorphins and oxytocin are responsible for good mood at the end of the sexual act. The former are considered the “morphine of the body”, a kind of natural painkiller. They allow you to draw the strength to meet the goals throughout the day.

Oxytocin, on the other hand, is the hormone of mimes and affection. It is released when we come into contact with others and helps to create strong social bonds.

4. No excuses

Sex at night is good if there is still energy, but it depends on a large group of factors. If the couple is not convinced or eager, insurance does not result in a good experience. “Excuses should be put aside at least for a first experience of morning sex,” said the psychiatrist and sexologist.

5. No Toxic Substances By means of

Sober sex is more intimate and feels better.

6. It’s time more energy

“Sleep is essential for sex, different physiological processes occur to ‘cleanse’ the brain of the impurities that have gathered during the day, helping to be more clear, with better concentration and record of erotic sensations, “he warned.

7. Vision 100%

In the morning, in broad daylight, you get to see your partner in all its glory.

8. Stress free

End of day is the time of greatest accumulation of stress and worry. With so many things in mind, it is difficult to focus on what is important. In the morning, none of this is a problem. In addition, if the dream was restorative, the body is rested and better prepared to meet.

9. Quiet, or not so much

“The previous game is usually shorter, but intercourse is more frenzied,” added the specialist. Poses can vary, quiet positions are allowed. However, when the woman wakes up, there is no one to stop her. According to Ghedin, the woman prefers to be upstairs, “moving energetically along with the hip movements of the man.”