A Student Having Sex With Classmate’s Mother In School Restroom


The school in Quilmes sanctioned the student, 19, who was found having sex with his classmate’s mother in the institution’s restrooms.


From the establishment they indicated that an administrative summary was initiated.

Student caught having sex with his friend’s mother in school 12th floor

Last Thursday, the security staff of the establishment found in the 12th floor of the institution in an embarrassing situation a couple composed of a music student and mother of a student, 32-years-old.

Consulted by the case, the school officials refused to give details of what happened, although they acknowledged that there was an irregularity.

“We have a very large institution and the security service runs through the floors that are not usually used during the morning. Two people were in a flat where there should not be anyone, but I can not give information because there is a protocol to which I must adjust these cases, to protect the integrity of the students, “said director of the institution.

For his part, the deputy director noted that a delicate situation was registered, but also complied with the regulations and avoided giving further statements.

He also said that the corresponding measures were taken and on Monday we are going to file a notification report on the case to the Secretary of Education and Culture of the Municipality.

In which it’s narrated that both the young student and the mother of the student were completely naked to be surprised, reason why both were taken before the school authorities, who asked them for explanations by what they had done.

Before the executives the student alleged that he had gone there to study, while the woman asserted that, although he studied in particular, he went up to the 12th floor so that he helped in a subject.