Sex Scandal : Woman Claims Actress Bidemi Kosoko Slept With Her Husband


An IG user claims on the social media that actress Bidemi kosoko, accusing sleeping with her husband.

bidemi kosoko killer curves

Actress Bidemi kosoko accuse of having sex with married man

The woman did not stop there as she claimed she also had Bidemi’s nude photos. Of course Bidemi responded. Read their exchange below:

Even know where to start From…While I was away you had the gut to come to my matrimonial home in Oshogbo okebale area you knew aremo is married with an unborn child,’ only traveled to Dubai for 2 weeks and my husband camped you in the house for good one week,oh my God,you are a disgrace,he even told you he is married and yet you still went ahead to fuck him in my bed! babe you told him to come carry in Lagos and he did and he also dropped you in Lagos.

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After he finished having sex with you, you bill him 2million Naira but he gave you 100k and he promised to send the rest to your account, how I wish you broke one of those legs of your while traveling, what story will you tell your children? Didn’t you notice it was folabi that was always taking you out to eat and all,he does not want people to see you together.

Woman threaten to publish Bidemi Kosoko’s naked photos if she keep relation with her husband

The point is,immediately I got back to Nigeria he told me everything that happened from A-Zzzzzz..but unknown to you he took your nude pictures girl… I’m sure you heart is beating too fast now,’ should have posted the pictures but hell no I won’t because I’m a woman too and that can really go a long way in your smelling career,young lady be very careful okay,’ intentionally don’t wanna do *DM* shit with you because deep inside you,you know what I’m talking about. I won’t post the pictures and I won’t delete them, this is just a warning to you,the next time I see you near my home, I’ll make sure I strip you naked,’ swear down.

Only of you know how much your gist has spread in the whole of Osun state,you will surely be ashamed of your self. FUCKERNIZER… You fucked top yahoo boys in life too that was even while you were serving,you don’t have a good record…GO BUY yourself a personality @Bidemi_Kosoko.

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Bidemi kosoko replies that “Because I have not tasted anything this morning, because this month makes it 25years my mum passed on, because God lives and I’ve the power of God on my tongue,I pray that if all you wrote about me is true then may I not know peace but if it’s a lie. Everything that concerns you will perish before your very eyes, You will know no peace, you will beg before you can eat, you will cry blood and not water, you will be disgraced and cursed anywhere you go in Jesus name Amen”‘

The woman also added (@mamaking1111111111) Shut the fuck off.. All you have said is all yours in Jesus name [Amem) you are cursing yourself so that the world can think this is a life,l laugh…. Ashe ti gunnnn fun eee, because you can’t deny you didn’t do all I said and because I’ve not eaten anything too sister morning, because got live, you will surely reap all you have done in a hard way, God will destroy your home whenever you are ready to marry, he will make you go true.