Rihanna Flashes Nipple Piercing In Pink See-through Mini Dress


Rihanna is of the opinion, as soon as a trend on Instagram land, she is already over again. The singer, who also designed herself, is talking to The Cut about the fashion business, reporting that she no longer likes trends when they land in the social media.


Rihanna shows off boobs in see-through pink dress

Lately, Rihanna has admittedly worried about her excessive weight gain. At first (in the summer we passed) we believed that she was preparing a surprise, as many were the ones who suggested that the Barbados star is pregnant.

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Finally, as it turned out, nothing was true, since the singer simply took a little weight. This of course belongs to the past, since her singer in the last two months has significantly reduced her body weight. As it seems, Rihanna throws plenty of sweat in the gym and the results are already visible.


The camera shot it a few days ago to return from the gym and as you see the star has already lost a few pounds and has begun to place more emphasis on her back. It seems that the Kardashian stream has begun to influence Rihanna, which seems to follow their tactics with the big ones behind.

And if you don’t have a look at the photo below – compared to the past – you will also notice the difference.