Fifth Harmony: Normani Kordei Poses Topless On Kobe Magazine


For her photoshoot with Kobe Magazine, Normani Kordei brings down the top. The Fifth Harmony singer is more sexy than ever and the result is superb.

fifth harmony normani kordei

Normani Kordei goes topless on Kobe Magazine

Kendall Jenner ultra sexy, she shows her buttocks in swimsuit on Instagram. While Kenny J offers a beautiful belfie to her fans, Normani Kordei, she decided to unveil topless for a new photoshoot with Kobe Magazine. She cover her boobs with cross hand.

Watch out for the eyes, you’ve never seen it so hot. With her curly hair and a pearl neck, the Fifth Harmony singer lets talk about her sensual side and the result is preface.

nomani kordei fifth harmony topless

In other photos, she wears different outfits that fit her well. A photoshoot 100% goals. If you want even more sexy, SAY NO MORE, we have what you need: Bella Thorne bra and garter hyper sexy, she reveals herself half naked on Instagram.