Kim Kardashian : I Even Tried Breast’s Milk


Kim Kardashian once again spoke about psoriasis, a skin disease that he has been living with for 7 years. In a photo published on the web, Kim appears of will take that falls white short and very short.


Kim Kardashian suffering from skin disease

With the legs out, it is possible to see some marks of the skin condition of Kim, who even revealed an unusual technique to try to stop the peeling skin.

“Once, I even tried to use the Kourtney’s breast milk,” Kim confessed. “Having had this [psoriasis] for over 7 years, I feel I have accepted it, but there are times when I can be insecure about it,” Kim said of hereditary autoimmune disease.

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Presenter Kris Jenner, 61, Kim’s mother, also lives with the condition. “She helped me live with her and treat her,” said the brunette, who also said she had tried a less acidic diet, in addition to injections and cortisone creams

“As a treatment ingredient for the skin, seaweed has incredible anti-inflammatory properties ,” Kim said.