Kelela Goes Completely Naked To Promo Her Debut Album Take Me Apart


The human being has always shown some fear in front of the new. We are restrained by what we do not know. As we all know, however, once the initial distrust is over, the involvement is immediate and often upsetting.


This premise is a must see what we are going to cover, that is, Take Me Apart, Kelela’s first studio album.

Kelela poses nude to promote her new debut album take me apart

The mistake not to do with the Kelela disc and that to stop at first listening, even if it should disturb and / or scare you. You don’t often know how to react, replicate, or simply speak a word after a simple song. Take Me Apart opens with Front line, a song with a disarming sensuality.

And attention, it’s not a sporadic case. All the album is like this: from the first to the last episode.

Fifty minutes of pure enjoyment that risk losing your compass voluntarily. The seductive chant and the almost whispered Kelela fringes, depicted on her naked cover and her boobs covered only by her long hair, has the ability to enchant. A sort of modern mermaid that does not bring you to death.

Unlike the mermaids told by Homer in the Odyssey, here the listener must not bend the ears with wax and tie to the master tree so as not to die of drowning, but he simply needs to be allowed to carry the sound of the fourteen songs.


Take Me Apart is a difficult album to put in, it would have a thousand shelves. The right label for Kelela is not there yet . So don’t be fooled by the Warp label publishing the project. Electronics is just one of the dots that make up the puzzle.