Kate Upton Falling From Rock During Topless Photoshoot


Living the profession as a model may have to graze danger. The famous model of Kate Upton has proven it.

Kate Upton topless

The 25-year-old model shooting sessions from Michigan, United States was almost a disaster. Because the owner of the birth name Katherine Elizabeth Upton was splashed into the sea during a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated in Aruba, an island nation in the Caribbean Sea, this week.

Kate Upton falling down while topless photo session in Aruba

Here’s the story. Upton in the photo session was posing on the rock on the beach.

She was only wearing a tiered skirt. No clothes tops alias topless alias .

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Apparently there was a wave coming. Upton who tried to avoid even slipped and splashed into the water.

Crew who accompanied the shooting session was acting deftly. They immediately helped Upton.

There seems to be no injury to the smooth body of the bikini model and the swimsuit. She even looks laughing while wrapping his body in a towel.