How To Know If A Man Is Bad In Oral Sex?


Maybe that special guy is not so good in bed.


Men often express confusion, insecurity and discomfort when they are not good in oral sex and several of their behaviors betray it, so pay close attention to these signs that indicate that that special guy might not be as good in bed as you imagined .

Asks too many questions

During the sexual act you are bombarded with questions like “what do you want me to do” or “is it okay here?”, Showing that he knows little about female anatomy.

Accelerate the situation

He wants to skip that moment and get to the sex part.

It touches you in a hurry

He does not know what to do and he touches you in a weird or very strong way. If you notice this behavior, show your child the correct way to do it.

It says “I don’t do that”

You can use this excuse because you do not want or do not know how to please you.

Does not seem very enthusiastic

You are probably trying to get to know your body and how it works in oral sex, but you probably will not try it until you ask for it.

It moves too much

Have you noticed that every time you get oral sex moves constantly or seems a bit restless?