Dabota Lawson Shows Off Major Cleavage In Bikini In Swimming Pool


Nigerian Ex-beauty queen, Dabota Lawson shows off boobs in bikini as she enjoy in swimming pool.

Dabota Lawson cleavage

Recently she was alleged that she had surgery on her face to look more better but the Naija babe dined and said it’s not true.

Dabota Lawson flaunts ample cleavage in bikini in pool

She said “I’ve never had any surgery on my face . I’m open about my beauty regime regardless of how extreme it is . My nose is cute and small. I’m a beauty expert and I know how to apply my makeup so well people think I’m airbrushed 💁🏽.

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I’ve also worked in front of cameras since I was 6-year-old. By now you all should know working my angles comes easy honey. You can learn a few tips and tricks if you ask me or you can stay 😡. Take it or leave it.”