Actress Adetunji Opeyemi : I Never Trade Sex For Get Movie Roles


Nigerian actress Adetunji Opeyemi has revealed that she not face any sexual harassment or getting offer sex for a role.


Adetunji Opeyemi never slept around for a movie role

It has never happened sleep with someone for a role. People get attracted to each other and it’s left to the lady to say yes or no to a proposal. Sexual harassment to me is when you are forced to do what you don’t want to do.

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Whenever a male colleague comes to me and asks me out and I say no, no is no and if I’m interested and I say yes, good luck to you. Like my boss says, if someone sleeps with you and you are not talented, it won’t make you get roles and if at all it does, it won’t sustain you.

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But if you are talented, you’ll be called upon. So far, I’ve not slept with anybody for movie roles, I can boldly say it anywhere, anytime,” she said.