3 Things That Every Woman Should Try In Bed


Are you tired of the routine? Then dare to try new things to experiment with your sexuality and you can feel yourself reaching the top of orgasms.


Do not let go of the opportunities and decide to enjoy with these three things that every woman should try in bed:

1. Become another person

We do not say it at all literally, but yes, adopt a character for the bed. You can be the sexy nurse, the secretary, the little devil, the angel, the sadomasochist … there are many options with which you can experiment and you should not forget the large number of costumes that you can use.

2. Kamasutra

It was invented to feel a greater pleasure through harmony and control of the spirit, then, why not use it? It is not necessary to plant with the most complicated positions , you can choose the simplest ones and equally enjoy lots of them.

3. Goodbye to the bed

What if you have sex outside the bed ? In the kitchen, in the bathroom, at the dining table or if they are more risky, you can go to your in-laws’ room, the car, the pool … there are many good options, do not limit yourself and enjoy your sexuality to the fullest.