Seyi Hunter Is Sex Goddess Of Our Time


Nigerian actress, Seyi Hunter recently lunched her sex vlog “Sinful Friday with Seyi Hunter Uncensored” has been heavily criticized.

Seyi Hunter sex vlog

Seyi Hunter crowned herself a sex goddess

“My sex vlog is quite educative; I instruct men and women the way to have excellent sex and oral sex, the way to enjoy it although at it and crave for further. Most married couples are battling in silence as they do not take pleasure in sexual intercourse using their associates.

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Sex is existence, Sex is meals. The bloody hypocrites on the market must adore me; I’ll be highly regarded since I’m the gender goddess of our own time. You will find a lot health benefits in oral sex, sex alone, kissing, romantic endeavors and a whole lot of stuff include sex.

Semen and genital juice heal hypertension and cancers. I’ve become great critiques from people out there, while some continue to believe simply because I am a girl plus a Nigerian I have no business talking about sex. If you have not seen any of my video tutorials I’m certain your partner is cheating. My videos will be the only means to fix a contented and healthful sex-life. Prior to criticize me, be informed that it’s uncensored”, she stated boldly.