Sandra Chinonso Claims Randy Film-makers Are Male Prostitutes


Sexual harassment, offering or accepting sex in return for movie roles in Nollywood isn’t any more a phenomenon shrouded in secrecy, despite the fact that nobody has had you been caught in the process or openly uncovered. Overtime, many actresses have get scammed by the antics of randy filmmakers because of pressure, ignorance, desperation or ill advice however, many have been their grounds regardless of pressure they are available against.

actress Sandra Chinonso hot cleavage

For curvaceous crafted actress, Sandra Chinonso Onyenemere, her experience is a bitter-sweet one. Inside a talk to Potpourri, the sunshine skinned beauty recounted her bitter knowledge about promiscuous movie company directors and producers who anxiously wanted to possess a taste of her jelly roll. She condemned the shameful and dishonest act, vowing not to fall a target.

“Some filmmakers have requested me to pay for certain fee to obtain featured in movies although some have sex advances at me and it is unprofessional. The number of these am I going to date or have relations with? It’s just very frustrating! Yes, some get it done but I’m completely different and everybody has their pursuits and purposes in existence.

I’m already an example to my loved ones, especially my brothers and sisters so I wish to feel the correct path because I’m the very first child and that I have six siblings”, she mused.

Requested her ideas on actresses who exchange sex for movie roles she stated, “I discover their whereabouts as dirty, cheap and desperate, without any morals or good upbringing.” She blamed the incorrect impression the general public has about Nollywood on filmmakers, responsible for sexual harassment. “They are the type spoiling the and providing us a poor name, I discover their whereabouts as male prostitutes”, she stated.


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