Actress Genny Uzoma Will Not Marry The Man Who Can’t Satisfy Her In Bed


Fast rising Nigerian actress, Genny Uzoma revealed she can’t marry someone who not good in bed.


In a recent interview, the actress of “The Husbands of Lagos” said she can’t marry a man who can’t satisfy her in bed.

Actress Genny Uzoma can’t marry someone can’t sexually satisfy her in bed

According to her, Genny said”

I’ll not marry someone that is not good in bed because I don’t want to cheat on my husband. My husband should be able to satisfy me and keep me in my home. He should know how to satisfy a woman. Study my body and know what I like. It keeps a relationship refreshed.

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She replies about sexual harassment in Nollywood

I haven’t been sexually harassed but I’ve been wooed. Am I not an attractive woman? They come to me and say, I want to date you. It’s now left for me to agree or disagree. I don’t hate women who use their sexuality to get roles. But If you’re a woman, you flaunt what you have. We call this show-business, it’s a business and you have to look pretty.

Use your sexuality as a woman, If you’re beautiful, show it and I’m not saying you should throw yourself at producers, but If you’ve got the boobs, you flaunt it in a good way. Use your sexuality, it might take you places