Filmed Employees Have Oral Sex In Meat Freezer (Video)


In social networks circulates a video where it is seen 2 employees of a recognized supermarket of El Salvador, having oral sex.


The original video has an approximate duration of 7 minutes, where it shows how the subject installs a camera or cell phone in a position to capture the sexual act, without knowing the reason for recording .

Supermarket employees oral sex tape published on Facebook

The subject leaves to call the woman, when they return immediately they begin the sexual act in which it is clearly seen that they are in a freezer where several meats are found, even at the beginning of the video the subject manipulates several meats to hide the camera.

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In the video you can clearly notice that the subject is watching that no one enters while they are on the spot.

At the end of the sexual act the subject waits for the woman to retire and removes the cell phone and stops recording.

It is unknown when the video was taken and in which branch of Super Selectors this happened, in addition to how this video came to social networks.


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