Azealia Banks Poses Full Frontal Naked (NSFW Photo)


On Monday, the Harlem rapper Azealia Banks uploaded a nude photo of herself to Twitter with caption “Make me over Kunts”.


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Azealia Banks is never far away when it comes to making scandal, and she proved it once again! The problem is that under such circumstances, you sometimes have to face criticism, even mockery, and the singer has just learned it at her expense.

Azealia Banks strips naked and run in sea

Already targeted by many Americans after displaying unfailing support for Donald Trump , sometimes in a particularly flowery language, during the American presidential campaign, Azealia Banks was this time targeted in relation to her body.


A photo of the rapper has indeed circulated on the net Monday, September 18 on which it’s possible to see her naked. This is not a first for Azealia Banks since it is customary because of its Instagram account.

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Despite spectacular curves, many fans have nevertheless wondered, and have seen some body similarities … with the mother of Blac Chyna!

Azealia Banks will probably appreciate the comparison, she who is nearly 19 years younger than Tokyo Toni, the mother of Blac Chyna!

The world of the net can sometimes be very cruel!