Andrianna Adebiyi : Sex Is A Gift From God To Please Man


When time come to talk about sex, everyone shy to reveal about it. There exists a Hush-hush attitude to sex in Nigeria.

Nigerian actress Andrianna Adebiyi hot

Andrianna Adebiyi; Shouldn’t have sex outside of marriage

In an interview the actress Andrianna Adebiyi, said sex is very important for relation and she think it’s a gift from God. And as an christian she didn’t believe sex before marriage, Cause it’s a sin.

Tinsel star, Andrianna Adebiyi said:

In my opinion, sex is very important in a relationship because it’s a gift from God to please man, and not only that, also to reproduce. Science has also shown it has a lot of health benefits. But as a Christian, it’s a sin to have sex outside marriage. So I say it’s very important in a relationship, but it shouldn’t be done outside marriage.


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