Actress Buhle Moletsane Claims Her Boobs Are Real


Actress Buhle Moletsane blast on fans after she alleged boob job rumor over her braless cleavage selfie.


In an interview, Buhle revealed that she hates the feeling of wearing bra and only wore knickers when the occasion called for it.

Actress Buhle Moletsane denied she had boob job

She said that this often led people to assume that her boobs were not real and that she was often questioned about where she “bought” them.

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Most girls are like: Where did you buy your boobs? I didn’t buy my tits! These are mine! They are real,” she said.


Buhle said that she often felt that South Africa may be too conservative for her to post more photos of her cleavage on social media, and hit back at those who criticised her for not covering up.

“I feel like people are allowed to do what they want with their bodies. I’m not dressing for you, I’m dressing for myself. If not wearing a bra makes me feel more comfortable then that is what I’ll do,” she said.