9 Tricks To Reach An Orgasm Faster – Try Tonight


Delay in having an orgasm is not bad, but there are times when we want to put the accelerator.

Reach An Orgasm Faster

Women can take 20 minutes to reach it, however it is a little faster in the case of men, according to Amy Levine, sex trainer and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure, quoted by Bustle.

If for some reason you want to finish faster, there are many ways to do it. Although it all depends on what you like and what works best for you.

Here are some techniques to reach the fastest climax:

1. The preliminary game

Orgasm can accelerate in pre-penetration games, and it improves the connection with your partner.

According to the expert Kat Van Kirk, sexual play can increase the anticipation and spontaneity with which the orgasm happens because the extended touch potentiates the release of oxytocin.

2. Combined Stimulation

Most women enjoy stimulation of the clitoris during sex, and it would not be wrong to simultaneously stimulate other erogenous zones like the G-spot.

According to the sexologist, Stefani Threadgill, the G-spot can be stimulated by inserting two fingers, palm up, and pressing against the front wall of the vagina.

3. Uses lubricant

The lubricant helps to avoid irritation at the moment of friction. That is why using it during sex can provide more pleasure.

4. Be clear about what you like and need

It is very important and exciting that you have the confidence to give your partner the exact instructions to reach the climax.

5. Watch porn

Sometimes the brain just needs a little visual and auditory stimulation to accelerate pleasure.

6. Learn about your body

If you want to make sure you have a good orgasm it is essential to know your body. Every woman is different and the shape of your body is sometimes related to the way you reach an orgasm.

Lisa Hochberg, a sexologist and sex educator, cited for Bustle a study that found that women who have a clitoris that sits closer to their vaginal opening are more likely to reach orgasm than women who have a greater distance between these two parts of the body.

So it is very important to touch and know your body.

7. Use a sex toy

The constant stimulation provided by some toys such as vibrators helps orgasm to arrive faster.

8. Try the coital alignment position

This posture is described by experts as one of the most pleasurable positions, particularly for women.

It is similar to the missionary: the woman should lie on her back with her legs slightly closed to feel contact with the nerve endings outside the vagina, to be more intense, it is recommended that the woman raise her pelvis, either with the help of a pillow or with the help of your partner.

9. Test new techniques

This applies for masturbation or sex as a couple. The site OMGYes has several techniques that you can apply until you find the one that makes you reach the climax faster.


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