When Is The Best Time To Have Sex?


Instead of going to bed, it’s best to stay in bed. A brand of food supplements in England conducted a study that monitored the biological clock of 1,000 people who live healthy and active lifestyles to find the best time of day to have sex . The discovery: soon after waking up.

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Morning is the best time to having sex

According to the research, getting pregnant in the morning (more precisely, at 7:30) would bring a number of positive health benefits. And why so soon? The study found that energy and disposition levels get louder in the early morning hours, which indicates that resistance and performances consequently would be better.

The good news comes from the fact that sex can also be as effective as a workout at the gym. The UK National Health Service recommends that couples who can not always exercise if they go to bed – having sex toast an average of 300 calories an hour and lower the risk of cancer and heart disease. In addition to making up for a few minutes at the gym, having sex in the morning still provides extra time in bed.

The “ideal” time to have sex according to the study follows a schedule of other times that would be more suitable for other routine activities. The research found, for example, that the best time to wake up would be 6:45, and 7:00 would be the most conducive time to run or do some aerobic exercise. For those who woke up early, 18h would be the most suitable time for dinner and then take some alcohol.


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