Multiple Orgasm: What It Is And How To Achieve Multi Orgasm


Female multi orgasm is not a myth. We tell you what the multiple orgasm is and how to achieve it.

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The female multi orgasmic occurs when women have multiple orgasms in a single sexual experience. Except for women who have experienced it and therefore know that it is possible, many other women and men think that it is a myth or an extraordinary capacity reserved only to certain lucky women. Film, television, and social taboos about female orgasm have made us think that only a few women are multi-orgasmic, but in reality all women have the ability to have multiple orgasms . You want to know more?.

Words of multi orgasm

Multiple orgasms are no different from a single orgasm. In general they are produced in the same way, although in the case of multi orgasm the moments of climax are lengthened and multiplied. To understand it better, we inform you of the stages of orgasm (female and male):

Word of sexual desire: first impulses that are experienced before beginning the sexual act

Excitement phase: Preliminary games are the best way to start getting excited, at which time the body begins to experience physical changes like blushing, inflammation of sexual organs, muscle tension …

Plateau phase: is the phase of excitation at its highest point. The sex organs dilate even more, the heart begins to pump faster and involuntary pelvic contractions begin.

Orgasm phase: If the stimulation continues to be done properly, for example by stimulating the clitoris, the woman (or man) reaches the climax experiencing a surge of pleasure that runs the entire body, from the vagina to the extremities.

Word of resolution: this is a phase where the body returns to its normal state little by little.

Although there is evidence that there are some men capable of having multi orgasms, men usually need a recovery time after the resolution phase, so the orgasm they experience is unique. However, women do not need recovery time unless they are tired. The orgasm process can begin immediately after the resolution phase, but it is best if, if properly stimulated, they can stay in the plateau phase for a long time and have several orgasms without reaching the resolution phase . That is, women have an unlimited capacity for orgasms, so they can all have multi orgasms.

But why do not all women have multi Orgasms?

It is easy to explain the theory, but the practice can be very different. As you know, women need to be physically and emotionally in a perfect state to enjoy sex. For example, in some periods of the menstrual cycle (lunar phase) we are more proactive to have sex with our partner, while in others we tend to want moments of intimate self-exploration. If you are interested in this topic, read How to make love in each phase of the moon: Tips to enjoy

In addition, moral restrictions on female sexuality, stress and fatigue, embarrassment, low self-esteem, past trauma, gynecological problems, lack of exercise or incorrect stimulation can make women only have an orgasm or occasionally, any.

Knowing the phases of your menstrual cycle and how they affect hormonally in your sexuality, having an open mind about sex and practicing masturbation will help you to know your body much more, to be able to experience what you like and do not like, to relax a lot More during the sexual act and to communicate to your partner how you need to be stimulated to feel the maximum pleasure.

What we mean is that all women have the ability to have multi orgasms (with the exception of those that may have diseases that affect their sexuality), but not all have for various reasons that are solvable by putting a little of your part and in Company of the couple. If you have sexual problems, we recommend reading Make love without feeling guilty: How to have a positive sex life

Of course, we do not recommend that you obsess about having multiple orgasms , not even having orgasms. These are not goals that can cause you stress if you can not fulfill them, but to let go and enjoy, without thinking of anything else. Finally, get down to work, leave behind the restrictions that do not allow you to enjoy the maximum of sex and open your mind to experience all the pleasure that your body can give you.


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