Adekemi Taofeek : I Date Real Man, Not Boys


Nollywood ebony babe, Adekemi Taofeek claims that man only want to be a father of a child but refuse to take any responsibility of baby.

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Adekemi Taofeek wont only become a babymama but also want to become wife too

According Adekemi Taofeek, she won’t be a single mother. She want be a babymama and a wife. Where her husband take their responsibility and take care both of them.

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I really can’t discuss a lot about this but things that I know it’s doesn’t implement merely to Nollywood, it takes location almost all over the place. The basic explanation is men never would like to shoulder any obligation, they prefer to daddy a child by leaving the mother to shoulder the obligation by itself. Realizing these people possess a kid will do for them without tending to the child. They merely never would like to pay their bills,” she explained.

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When she was questioned what she would do if a man impregnated her and refuses to get married her, the actress retorted, it can in no way afflict her.

“If I wanted to, I might happen to be a babymama many years ago. I want to be described as a new mother plus a wife. I’ll do not be in this specific scene since at this moment during my daily lifestyle I don’t go all around with non-serious men. If I get pregnant I get married, straightly. Anyhow, I don’t particular day young boys, I take treatment of guys, true men.” she beamed.


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