7 Tips To Kiss Women’s Intimate Area


The women intimate area is very delicate, so before practicing oral sex it is recommended to know seven things.

The little knowledge of how to kiss the intimate area of a woman is not only the fault of men, so it is the women who do not know exactly what gives them pleasure to tell their partner.

Hot black girl intimate area private part

A group of women who were not pleased with oral sex revealed what they do not like and what they do. According to the portal of sexuality of Colombia.com, these are the seven things men should know before kissing the intimate area of ​​a woman.

1. The vagina should not suck

The genital area is very delicate, so it should not suck, because if it becomes too strong can cause an inflammation in the lower lip, pain that can cause even the urge to walk.

2. The rhythm

For the woman to achieve orgasm , the man must keep the rhythm with the one who does it. Specialists recommend initiating oral sex gently and ending with some strength.

3. Lubrication

It’s recommended to start oral sex with previous games and use a little saliva, in case there is no lubricant available.

4. The tongue

The woman feels pleasure in all her intimate area therefore, men should not only concentrate on the clitoris, but travel throughout the vagina.

5. Positioning

To reach orgasms you need concentration, stimulation and a good position in which both are comfortable and enjoy oral sex .

6. The clitoris

This is the most sensitive area of ​​the woman, stimulating it with great force can become painful or uncomfortable.

7. Fingers

It’s recommended to stimulate the woman’s intimate area with the index and middle fingers, inserting them in the vagina and moving them as if they were making the signal to someone who comes.


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