3 Tips To Enjoy Outdoor Sex


This practice can be taboo for many couples, but even scientific studies argue that it is one of the biggest sexual fantasies of people. If you dare to try, we leave some advice.

black couple outdoor romance sex

Having outdoor sex can be a taboo for many couples, although research suggests that it is one of the most erotic practices, as it arouses adrenaline and excitement, which elevates morbidity and pleasure to the highest levels.

In addition, according to a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine , women are more excited about the possibility of having an intimate encounter outdoors than with any other sexual fantasy.

As we have said before, the secret of good sex is in creativity, so we present 3 tips to take into account if you want to have an intimate outdoor encounter:

1. Choose the site well

This is the number one rule. The fact of wanting to enjoy sexuality to the fullest does not mean that you are at risk of being exposed. It is essential to ensure that the sexual scene is chosen wisely, with particular care not to invade private property. Also, it should be ensured that there are no surveillance cameras in place or that it is very crowded. Avoid at all costs the inopportune glances.

2. Prepare the before and after

To get the most out of sex, a good idea is to create great anticipation about the encounter first. Send erotic messages to your partner hours before the morbid and anxieties manifest. In the same line, prepare the post act. When outdoors, the options are probably more limited, so it is best to be cautious. Take everything you think you may need to finish the day to perfection.

3. Do not shout

Much of the excitement of outdoor sex is the secrecy of the affair. That is why it is advisable to keep the euphoria in a discreet and sensual volume, limited only for the couple.


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