Nude Leaks: Married Woman Cries Out She Never Had Sex With Her Ex-boyfriend


Recently revenge porn victim of nude photos leaked on social media a Zimbabwean married woman Clara Madzorere reveals that she never had sex with her ex-boyfriend and she marriage her husband as a virgin woman.

Clara Madzorere nude leaked

The 24-year-old woman victims of semi-nude photos release online she claims her ex-boyfriend who leaked the photos as a revenge porn.

Married woman committed suicide after her ex-boyfriend leaked her semi-nude photos online

The story go underneath:

She also dismissed messages circulating on social media that she possessed committed suicide by throwing herself in front of a moving train following the leaking of your photographs.

“I was a young girl when my boyfriend forced me to have pictures taken with him since he was about to leave the country for South Africa,” narrated Clara.

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“He pleaded for half-naked photographs saying they were to keep his feelings alive whenever he sees them and i compiled, unaware that I was digging my grave. I want to urge young girls around to value their bodies and not to be seduced by these lustful men craving to ruin young people’s lives by finding ways to have sex with them.

I realized it now that Blessing was looking for ways to reprimand me by posting my photographs because I denied having sex since he was after breaking my virginity. And I thank God and my parents taught me and warned me against selling my body for a pizza or chicken breast slice although I regret undressing to pose for the photographs. I nearly took away my life and the photographs nearly wrecked my marriage, but my husband knew about my relationship with Blessing before he married me.

Married woman claims she marriage her husband as a virgin girl

He knew very well that we maintained my integrity and did not sell my virginity to Blessing although I allowed his dirty hands on my body on the day he still left the state. Murume wangu akandiroora akandiwana ndakanaka, (My husband married me a virgin). I thank my husband for not taking advantage of the posted half-naked pictures on social media, to separate with me. He stood his terrain since he knew that Blessing never tasted his ‘holy well’ I kept my faithfulness and my parents received lobola.

It is my wish to be on the list of men and women standing up for children’s proper rights because individuals abusing social websites are destroying people’s lives, distracting focused children into liking pornographic material and failing to examine. From the day my photographs circulated on social media, I felt challenged, came down to earth and knelt down and prayed to God and He gave me strength and I promise to give life to others. Abusers of social media must meet their fate as well as those circulating nudes be it in whatsapp groups or to their friends.

“Let all stakeholders join hands with police in fighting crimes of this magnitude and seek God ‘s experience so that he heals our terrain,” said Clara, a businesswoman and ardent follower of Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe,(AFM). Clara urged lustful men visiting her workplace for love proposals to behave and look after their families.

“I’m not a whore as the lustful men want to suggest. It’s all because of the leaked images, so those visiting me for love must behave themselves and support their families. Some men including young boys are after me with some asking me to employ them as my body guards, I want to tell them that naJesu ndakakwana,” said Clara.


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