Full-Frontal: Amber Rose Unveiled More About Her Naked Unshaven Crotch


A single picture was enough to start a huge discussion. but amber rose is proud of her vagina image and explained her motives!

Amber Rose caused a sensation with a vagina photo on Instagram . But you do not feel sorry for her. But on the contrary! She was aware of the consequences and continues to take her picture, which was erased because of the violation of the provisions of Instagram.

amber rose hairy vagina

Model amber rose stands for her vagina posting!

With her vagina image, Amber Rose wanted to reach as many people as possible to draw attention to her slutwalk. And the model left nothing to chance. “I have retouched my tattoos to put my intimate hair in the forefront,” the model revealed in an interview with Refinery29 .

In the end, she did not only advertise her slutwalk, but also want to encourage women to do nothing with a lack of hygiene, not to shave. “I believe this is quite natural and we should not be ashamed of it,” explained Amber rose. She prepared her intimate area for the shooting with soap and lotion only. “After showering I use baby oil for my whole body”, the model betrayed.

Double mourning is unforgivable for amber rose!

Amber Rose wanted to draw attention to her SlutWalk with a picture as impressive as possible. And that is what you have accomplished! In addition, the model explained, “Men believe they can do anything and constantly show their bodies, but we do not – that’s silly.”

Whoever thought, the ex of Kanye West, after this action, had only the breath of a bad conscience wrong. Amber Rose feels completely right with her vagina image in the matter of equality and would always do it again.

She broke a taboo, and she consciously did so. “I go too far, and even far beyond, to intentionally attack people,” Amber Rose said. The model had no understanding for the fact that she was a bad example for her son because of her free-moving Instagram image.


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