Filmed Couple Having Sex In The Middle Of The Street Leads To Investigation


The video of a couple having sex on a walk in broad daylight in front of the town hall of Cherbourg in France launched a police investigation after the images became viral in social networks.

caught public sex

In video broadcast on Twitter and Facebook, which have been captured on June 25 in the morning, you can see a young woman lying, with her skirt raised, with a half-naked man on top of her. They were surprised in full sexual activities and did not seem to care that are being observed.

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The two involved are visibly drunk and do not even react when another person goes through both. The video generated a lot of discussion on social networks and eventually alerted authorities who opened the investigation into the case.

Couple caught on camera having sex in middle of street

At this time Cherbourg police try to identify the two young people who come to have sex in the video. The two exhibitionists, if identified, could face up to a year in prison and 15,000 euros fine for indecent exposure.


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