Filmed A Uber Driver Receiving Oral Sex From Passenger


The episode was recorded in Chicago, United States, where a young man who was to return home asked for a Uber, got into the vehicle and found the incredible scene. The user filmed everything and uploaded it to the nets to slave him.

oral sex in car

Woman perform oral sex act on a Uber driver inside car

A young man who was to return to his home in Chicago, United States , requested a vehicle from Uber and when he got up he found something unusual. In the front seat was a woman who began to practice oral sex to the driver.

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The user, Manuel Martino, decided to record the scene and upload it to the nets to slave them. “Cursed Uber for providing me last night the trip to my house more insecure and dangerous,” wrote the young man in the networks, in addition to upload the video that in a few seconds was revoked and already goes around the world.


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